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December 5, 2010
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PKMN Trainer Meme: Juliette by RikoJasmine PKMN Trainer Meme: Juliette by RikoJasmine
Beauty Juliette would like to battle!

Her manly Pokemon: "...This color scheme is so dignifying."


Yay, another Pokemon trainer profile! 8D I'm building up concepts for a comic that I'm thinking of doing, so don't mind me~ ^^


Wanting to see and experience the world outside of her hometown of Cherrygrove City, Juliette decided to go traveling. She is bubbly and naive, making her protective older brother urge her to bring along Pokemon for protection. Even though Pokemon training wasn't her strong point, she agreed, dreaming of a team filled with adorable Pokemon.

In addition to the Cyndaquil she received afterward from Professor Elm in New Bark Town, her brother (as his job requires him to venture to different regions) routinely sent her potentially strong Pokemon that he found to fill her party. Even though Juliette loves cute, fluffy Pokemon and would like to raise them, she trained the Pokemon sent to her to please her brother.

In the beginning, Juliette lost most of her battles, but gradually improved with the help of a Pokemon breeder, Oliver, shortly after receiving her Riolu's egg. Having already raised a team of Pokemon in the past, Oliver taught her how to battle properly, as well as taking care of the egg. Afterward, they decided to travel together.

... Juliette's brother was not too happy with that development.


~Trainer Design~

No, she doesn't always wear that. XD Somehow, she always manages to change clothes every day. Maybe she has a really good mailing system.

Don't ask me how she does it. *shrugs*



Mostly your basic Pokemon trainer supplies. However, Juliette lost her Pokedex earlier on, so she had to buy a Pokemon Guide book to help her. Whenever an opponent sends out a Pokemon she's never seen before, she whips out the guide, unintentionally stalling the battle.



Typhlosion/Blaise - Juliette's first Pokemon. He has a naive nature, similar to his trainer, but has enough common sense to steer them out of trouble. He wasn't very good at battling to begin with, but his performance improved significantly when he evolved into Quilava.

Dragonite/Octavian - He is tough and enjoys battling, but is embarrassed surprisingly easily. Like Blaise, his Dratini days weren't the best battle-wise, but improved with evolution.

Tyranitar/Theodore - Sometimes called Teddy, which throws off opponents expecting a Teddiursa. Contrary to popular belief, Theodore is quite gentle and kind for a Tyranitar, to the delight of his trainer. He is actually the most submissive Pokemon on Juliette's team, but is a powerful force when need be.

Lucario/Thalia - Juliette received Thalia's egg from a Pokemon center when no one claimed it. As the only girl on the team, Juliette babies Thalia the most, even though she is the most skilled fighter. She can be ruthless at times, but calms down at her teammates' urging. Her mate is Oliver's shiny Lopunny, Liam, whom she loves despite his girlish appearance.

Mismagius/Mortimer - Named after the Ecruteak Gym Leader, Morty, whom Juliette has a mild crush on. The other Pokemon rarely ever hear Mortimer speak, but when things mysteriously go to his advantage, they know it was his work. He prefers to end battles quickly so he can go back to scheming. What for, no one knows.

Wargle/Amerigo - Juliette's most recent Pokemon, sent from the Unova region where her brother is currently stationed on business. Amerigo is the only one that came to Juliette already evolved. His serious nature often makes him annoyed with her bubbly personality, but he tolerates her per his former trainer's instructions. Juliette's guide doesn't extend to the Unova region's Pokemon, unfortunately, so her battling with Amerigo is mostly guesswork, much to his chagrin.


Is it just me, or are Wargles one of the most awesome Pokemon species ever? Seriously, who else thought AMERICA FTW when you saw it? They even sound like World of Warcraft animals, lol!

I was trying to think of a good name for him:

-One day in history class-

Teacher: "Blah blah blah"
Me: *is daydreaming a name for Wargle*
Teacher: "Blah blah AMERIGO VESPUCCI blah..."
Me: YES.

And that's how that came to be. XD



Juliette's original name was Akira, and Oliver's name was Yuki. I changed them to match their Pokemon, though. XD

I'm gonna try to have Oliver in a different meme sometime. With my recent discovery of the joys of Eevees, his current breeding project will be an Eevee Evolution team! Yay~ XD

EDIT: Here's Oliver! 8D [link]
And another trainer, if you care to look. [link]

Sorry if I murdered Pokemon anatomy... D:

Mkays, hope you all like her~ :iconloveloveplz:


Blank made by :iconkuching-sama:! [link]
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